Garden Collection 2018


With the intention of uncovering the flower that rests in every woman, the Collection 2018 of Brutta Bridal Couture has taken as inspiration the famous paintings of Monet's Garden at Giverny.

With the same great intimacy with which the painter freed flowers and plants in his garden, so that they would assume their own strength and natural beauty, so the designer Alessandra Ferrari creates unique dresses that can flourish the personality and inner strength that reside in every woman.

A collection capable of captivate even those who haven't experienced the enchantment of the wedding, thanks to embroidery, lace and fabrics that reaffirms every aspect of romance and elegance.


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Iris dress


Dahlia dress


Carnation dress


Kanzan dress


Imperata dress


Lily dress


Peony dress

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About the Atelier

Brutta Bridal Couture celebrates two decades dedicated to the wonderful harmonies of femininity and a tailor-made elegance that creates wedding gowns that announce a journey of exclusive destiny for special dreamers.

In the elegant Atelier in Rome, the designer Alessandra Ferrari bases her inspiration in order to create wedding gowns that speak of love. Thanks to a long and considerable experience in the bridal industry, she create gowns that also fascinate the international market.

Designed by Alessandra Ferrari, tailored by french artisans in Rome and worn all over the world.


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